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carpet and floor steam cleaner mop

Do you know that the nifty haan si-60 is truly great at cleaning hard floors? As per the articles given at popular websites like, the answer is ‘yes’, in the home environment. Modern people more often use this gadget in the kitchen and the washroom. Many of us are not aware of the fact that this utility product can also be used for cleaning carpets. Yes, that same steam mop that removes dirt from your hard floors will do likewise for your carpets as well. After reading this write-up you may even shake your heads in dismay because you cannot imagine the fact that your steam mop is good in cleaning the carpets.

Here one should know the fact that the carpet cleaners are great at cleaning your carpets yet they are generally too huge and massive for the normal individuals. A steam mop gives an incredible level of clean and can be easily portable to move around in our homes. While a carpet cleaner may be exclusively designed at cleaning rugs, it doesn’t imply that it does a superior task than the trendy steam mops which can be found in a great many steam mop review websites in the web world.

If you are still suspicious, read on to find out why steam mops are so great at cleaning floor carpets. After reading this article it is certain that you will be agreeing to clean your home carpet with the steam mop you have at your home instead of hiring the traditional carpet cleaner.

Cleaning Every Speck Of Dirt:
While beyond any doubt carpet cleaners are preferable for greater areas over steam mops. However, when it comes to daily cleaning steam mop can be a better option for the homeowners. This is mainly due to the fact that this tiny gadget is considered to be quite good in removing little particles like pet’s hair, food spills etc. that are very common in every household.

High Portability
Steam mops are also easily portable to move around as they are lighter as well as small in size. Hence it can be used in any area ranging from floor carpets to carpets in steps. More importantly, the gadget may not be connected to an array of hoses as in the case of traditional carpet cleaners.

Say No To Use Of Chemicals
Something else that makes steam mops better than cover cleaners is they don’t have to utilize a pack of chemicals to get your floor coverings clean. They just need to utilize unadulterated refined water to deal with the dirt and they show improvement over the most commonly used carpet cleaners and their battery of unsafe chemicals.

Keeps Bacteria Out
The last and not the least reason why these steam mops are preferred over the regular carpet cleaners, especially in the home environment is due to that fact that they not only remove dirt but also small things like bacteria, viruses and even small pests that are housed in your carpets. Perhaps, this is the real USP of the steam mops over the conventional carpet cleaners. With this feature, a sort of wellness is assured to the residents in the homes.

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