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Cool Gadgets For Pampering Cats

Cats and dogs have been pets for so long that they are no different from family members any longer. The market has many creative ideas to pamper the pets with. New pet technologies keep coming up on the market every now and then to keep these four-legged fur balls occupied. Cat litter source offers an insight into the most promising gadgets available for pets. Have a look at the pet population in the UK and the money spent on getting gadgets for the comfort of these lovable pets to get an idea,

De Cat Palace: This luxurious litter box was designed by none other than the award-winning Israeli artist and designer Ruth Kedar, who is popular as the designer of the original Google logo (May 1999 to Sept 2015). If you are buying litter for your house De Cat Palace is a high-tech, a multifunctional litter box that promotes health and comfort for the cats. This cat’s palace is no short of luxury and features a noise sensor, humidity monitor, scratch pad, food dispenser, and a computerized central control system. The gadget can be controlled by syncing with a smartphone. The smart sensor even sends an SMS when the litter needs to be emptied, and also when the cat needs to be fed and a refill of water. It also tracks the cat’s behavior.

Pet pace: Pet Pace offers a smart pet collar that employs non-invasive sensors that monitor the cat’s temperature, respiration, pulse, movement, activity levels and calories. The collar detects abnormalities and alerts pet owners and veterinarians.

Cat2See: This product has a webcam that is controllable via smartphones or computers and allows the owner to watch their pet. The product also has a cat game to keep the cat entertained while you can control the game remotely. The feeder in this product can be programmed to feed at set times. Cat2See also has a social network of cat owners and lovers, the most loved network in the cat world.

CatGenie: It is quite a task to clean out cat litter boxes. CatGenie comes to the rescue of those who hate emptying out that stinky cat litter box. This cat box is automated with a self-flushing system that was designed by PetNovations, an Israeli company. The litter box uses several technologies to act as a modern washing appliance. The device employs washable litter granules that are cleaned by the machine that dissolves solid waste into liquid waste and disposes of it in a sanitation chamber. Pet owners need not worry about emptying out the cat litter box ever again.

Terminal4pets: Leaving pets behind is probably the greatest pet peeves of pet owners. Terminal4pets helps pet owners to fly with their pets or ship them wherever they go. The company is a door to door pet courier services that jet sets pet. The company offers pre-flight checkups, in-flight veterinary services and recommendations. They offer safe and easy flight kennel solutions and custom arrangements. They can make arrangements for all kinds of pets and have even arranged for the adoption of pets across countries and borders.