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The demand of steam cleaners is increasing because of its perfect cleaning. It heats up the water and uses the vapor to clean the surfaces. When blowing in certain temperature, it destroys the bacteria, germs, viruses, bedbugs and dust mites. The steam cleaners reviews are explained below in detail for the top models.

BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop is a flip-down easy scrubber. It has a microfiber mop pad which cleans and makes the surfaces disinfectant from all the germs. You can use this steam mop to freshen various surfaces like grout, floors and tiles. You must remember that when using this mop on the hardwood floors, you must apply it to little portion of the floor and check the results because some of the hardwood floor type is less tolerant to steam and heat. You can also control the steam settings to low, medium and high. It is perfect for cleaning floors and the price is in average range.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is all-purpose steamer with large wheels. You can easily move the wheels around your house using the wheels but it is hard to lift the steam cleaner. It cleans various surfaces like boat, car, carpets, upholstery, floor mats and many others. It offers you numerous ways to contact the difficult spots around your home. But the main disadvantage is the heavy weight of the cleaner is very difficult to move around your house during the cleaning process. It comes with large attachments and perfect option for cleaning the large sized items. Though it is an expensive cleaner, it is worth for the investment money.

Epica 800 Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer is a lightweight cleaner with compact size. Because of its light weight you can travel around this steamer without any difficulty and it is suitable for quick touch-ups. Its portable size allows you to pack this cleaner easily in a suitcase or larger bag. It has and effective lint remover and fabric brush. The drawback in this cleaner is it cleans only the smaller items effectively and not suitable to clean the heavy items. Though it highly comes under your budget, it is limited to clean only lightweight garments.

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D) has two sided steam pocket pads. It is portable steam cleaner that makes you to clean the entire house without any difficulty. You can carry this mop easily up and down the staircase. It also works brilliantly in tight corners of your house. It is chemical- free sanitation and has multiple steam settings. It is expensive, multipurpose and portable cleaner.

Dirt Devil Easy Steam Handheld Steamer is a handheld steamer that cleans the household things effectively. If you are looking for a lightweight steamer then it is the perfect choice. The weight of the steam cleaner is only three pounds which allows you to pick the cleaner and start your cleaning task. It cleans the tight corner effectively. The main drawback is the handle located at the end of the hose is the small size.

?????????????????????You cannot go to work when you are ill or seriously disabled. It is difficult for you to run your family without making an income. To financially support the family of ill and disabled people, Employment and Support allowance was introduced. It is definitely a complicated benefit but once you are eligible for this you can get a decent claim amount every week. To check whether you are eligible for this claim or not, call esa contact number and speak to the ESA officials.

This benefit is not only available to working professionals but also to the self-employed person. You can apply for the ESA benefit and the eligibility depends on your conditions. The recent sad news about ESA is some of the state governments planned to reduce the ESA claim benefit from the year 2017. You will be placed in any one of the ESA types: Contribution based ESA and income-related ESA.

To get the benefits, different details you must provide to the ESA officials. The first one is your work history. When you are working in a permanent job then you have paid National Insurance contributions (NIC) for a certain number of years. If you have made enough NIC payment, then you come under the first ESA type Contribution based ESA. If you are getting low wages or unemployed then you are placed in income related type.

Once you have applied for the ESA claim, you are asked to take the Work capability assessment (WCA). The WCA focuses whether you are eligible to claim ESA or not. ECA tests your health condition and check whether the details given in the application form are true or not. The report contains the details of your illness, whether you are temporarily not fit for employment or permanently disabled. During the assessment, you must inform your complete health history to the health assessors though you feel embarrassing.

If you are temporarily disabled, the assessment is made again after several months to check your health fitness for employment. The assessment report contains whether you belong to the Support group or the Work-related activity group. In the work-related activity group, you must participate in the activities that enhance your skills for employment and also the Work focused interviews without fail.

You can connect to customer service team of ESA through different options like phone, social media like Facebook and Twitter. Still contacting them over the telephone is considered as the best option. You need to speak with the ESA customer service team when you are waiting for long period to get your claim, not receiving the required financial support. The professionals in customer service team talk to you pleasantly and offers friendly customer service. You can also speak to them to check whether you can change from Work-related activity group to Support group and vice-versa.

The online websites contain relevant telephone numbers of ESA and the ESA officials are responding to hundreds of different queries of people daily. If you have any query on ESA for making a new claim with them or regarding your existing claim benefit, you can speak to their customer support executive.

Squarespace-vs-Wix-vs-WeeblyYou need website builders to design a website. Every website builder looks similar to other websites and it is hard to choose the best website builder for designing your website from the plenty of options available. Are you not satisfied with the Wix website builder? Finding Wix alternative is easy if you are aware of the pros and cons of every website builder. It is a waste of time and money in investing each and every website builder in identifying which one is the right choice for you.

Though Wix website builder is the most searched builder online there are some disadvantages too. You must know about other website builders so that you can choose the right one for your website.

The biggest advantage in Wix is that you have 510 professional templates and in addition to that you can make your own template. It has a drag and drop interface that allows you to add new elements like slides, images by simply dragging and dropping on the desired place. Support or Help button is available everywhere in the Wix builder. If you find any difficulty you can click the main help button or the help button available at each element.

Some of the downsides of Wix are you cannot change the template once chosen. If you want a new template for your website then you have to recreate your website again. You cannot use this website builder for your e-commerce website needs.

The best features in Weebly are user-friendly and Drag and drop interface. Even anyone who is new to website designing feels Weebly easy and convenient to use. If you are familiar with Weebly, you can build the website in less than an hour. The recent templates in Weebly are mobile responsive this makes your website to look professional on the desktop as well as mobile phone. Many people find hard deciding where to start when designing a page. Weebly contains pre-designed page templates.

Many feel that Weebly templates are not that advanced. The template designs in Weebly are very simple and if you look for an advanced one you cannot get it. You can find the advanced template designs in Squarespace or Wix. Also, you have only limited modification options in Weebly. For example, you can modify the overall template color and font color but you cannot modify the color of the menu bar, or adjust the width of the content etc.

The next popular website builder is Squarespace. You can create impressive mobile responsive templates in Squarespace undoubtedly. You can also get responsive templates such as you have the option to resize your browser and your website content changes in size accordingly. This is the best feature when anyone visits your website using a mobile phone. The style editor of Squarespace allows you to do the custom styling options like modifying the background images and changing the thumbnail options without changing the codes.

The biggest drawback in Squarespace is editing screen and the preview screen is separate. It is very challenging where you need to move from one screen to another when designing the website. You can add other elements using blocks in Squarespace and it is little annoying one.