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In various occasions, I heard the self-maintained moralists said: “We should rise above our human nature.” Whenever I hear my stomach cramps. I want to protest. Needless to say, this assertion presumes that our human nature (some time it’s known as animal nature) is not simply good, and departure is meant by culture, as far away as possible, from our own human nature, into something higher, something divine. I do not understand what that are considering the human nature, when folks say things like them. Perhaps people think about killing and manslaughter, possibly they think of Hitler’s death camp, or perhaps they’re imaging some foul sexual vice scenes or some “sinful” behaviors like cheating and stealing. For people, human nature is a thing that is horrible. We have this original sin. The world will eventually be a hell if we permit it to roar, culture will fall. So, for people, the institution of morality as well as the number one job of culture would be to fight with the creature of human nature, include it in the dimmest corner in our soul. This seems like a lofty aim. But to me, it is a target that is wrong. A target that is against our own interest.

Yes, there are facets of human nature, such as the stealing, killing, cheating and all the other violence, which are in contradiction with modern culture. But these behaviours are evolved as our strategies to live. Prehistorically, they’re “wonderful” approaches. Our modern culture must not be defined as the reverse of human nature it should be defined as a better method to serve our human nature as a whole to serve our human nature, and to function the most crucial human natures. Our culture is a vast social structure defined by its own high level of job specialization (in addition to the specialty with its advantages of high efficacy) and commercial trading. This new social order (in sharp contrast to the ancient tribal life that is little) has substantially raised our productivity and efficiency, so can fill our vital human nature (human needs) considerably better than lifestyle that is ancient. Sadly, this new social order demands us to collaborate in a huge scale with social order and common trust, rather than deceiving and killing of each other.

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I see much to be thankful for, as I look out into the planet. Encircled by beauty, I’m left in no doubt that we live in a nature filled world that’s getting realer in the attractiveness that it can value. For so long we’ve come to define attractiveness on a trivial level, but as we grow, so will our capability to recognize beauty grow within us.

With this, comprehend that only can we value and comprehend when we’ve unified with the essence of our own attractiveness within ourselves what’s really amazing. So many battle when the appear outside to discover the beauty on earth. Dire of what they’ll strike, they see a world full of hostility, rage and ugliness, and because this is what they see, this is what becomes real for them, and they continue to live as their self fulfilling prophecy would have it be.

Ignoring their very own attractiveness, a nightmare pill which changes radically the world has been swallowed by them. Turning away from the nature, they’ve picked to adopt the ego, which sees things constantly in a twisted light. With stamina and power to gain for the spirit, the egotism is given not to seeking for attractiveness, but to finding that which can build it up in the eyes of the planet. Pleasing those within the physical world and concerned with it, it’s not in any way interested in the wisdom of the nature.

Not needing to be the protagonist in the physical world’s own death, the egotism has a vested interest in keeping the real source of attractiveness from your eyes. Not needing you to experience the awe that beauty inspires, it seeks to keep you in a state of indifference in which you ask no questions of life. Asking no questions, you quit to interact with life, and also you deprive yourself of the responses that God would like to give to you personally. This really is what this means to endure in the method, and to be reactive to life.

Called to be proactive, we don’t grow in our experience of life, if we’ve closed ourselves away to what it seeks to educate us. Desiring to show us the beauty in ourselves and in the world, it’s a willing teacher. However, a teacher does not have any job to occupy with no pupil in attendance. This is the reason ourselves have to be open minded in the existence of beauty. There is a lot to learn about the best thing about God, which shows much in all things, with itself to give.